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The Executives Club Business Wealth Lab.

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  • Improve your business results right now?
  • Improve your business and executive’s skill
  • Talk with someone who can really help you?
  • Spend some time to get a bigger picture?
  • Remove blocks to growth and Improve your personal performance?
  • Get external impartial expert advice?
  • Become more wealthy with quality time?
  • Have a confidential and business focussed sounding board without assumptions, baggage or politics?

Attending a free Executives Club Business Wealth Lab session may be your answer.

is it for…

  • Directors, Business Executives, Owner-managers
    and key decision-makers
  • People who feel they need help from someone
    who will be impartial, confidential and 100%
    committed to them.
  • People who realise they shouldn’t have to
    do it all alone, and are looking to work with
    highly effective consultants, mentors, trainers
    or executive coaches to grow the business.

What others say about coaching in

The Executives Club Business Wealth Lab.

“Coaching with John Cato was without doubt a life changing experience. The sessions with John have prompted a sense of clarity surrounding every aspect of my life and probably for the first time I actually believe in myself. I now have targets and goals that are not complicated by the usual self imposed insecurities and frustrations.
The care and thought provided by John masks a totally professional coaching method, which I believe builds trust. John is quite a special guy and I whole heartedly recommend his coaching to anyone looking for direction in business and on a personal level.”
Neill W, Director and owner of a nationally recognised Ltd company

“The strategy I have taken with me from our coaching sessions have helped me immediately to be far less in ‘reactive’ mode and more and more in ‘productive’ mode allowing me to do my magic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Wiebke Koch, Director SynerGenius Consulting, Consultant and Business Trainer, Berlin

“You opened my eyes to another totally different alternative to my way of working and living, and I havent been happier for many years. I am enjoying the work I am doing and my relationship with Maria has improved as we have more time for us.”
Joe F, Spanish Property Developer

“John seems to do his most valuable work without opening his mouth or lifting a finger: he walks into a project where everyone’s stressed to the teeth and within half an hour, somehow, everything becomes calm and happy, the mists seem to clear and the job is somehow do-able after all.
John knows a quite terrifying amount about how organisations work. No human being should have to know the things he knows, and I think he enjoys saving people from the hellish side of organisations.
John’s name crops up a lot … in Britain and the US.. He has developed some elegant techniques for defining goals which can be enormous fun, are hugely effective, and, as far as we know, are completely original….”
Bob Hughes, Author, Consultant, Lecturer, Designer

“You are the best coach I have ever been to, this is the most effective and elegant coaching I have received. Thank you.”
Helen R, Independent Consultant and Trainer

“I can already say thank you for a very profound process and experience. The benefits in my relationship with Joanna are already apparent to us both (I told her about the process). You are clearly a very gifted facilitator and listener and reflector, and the whole video experience was a real eye-opener. Thank you.”
Keith B, UK Property Developer and Investor

“John, after your coaching I am refreshed, optimistic and relaxed. And my relationships have improved – both in actuality and in the way I feel about them inside. Working with you like this was a unique and enlightening experience which enabled me to see myself in new ways, and to become aware of – and replace – unhelpful patterns that before were just hovering on the edge of my conscious awareness.”
Kevin Burch, Confidence Coach, Bath

“John Cato is an exceptionally talented coach. As a trained coach myself I know many people in this field undertaking coaching in many guises, but John stands out in terms of his approach and his skills.
He is a very empathetic person who is easy to talk to, and inspires the trust and confidence needed to encourage complete honesty from the client. I find myself discussing matters with John that I would talk to no-one else about, knowing he works with complete integrity.
He asks great questions that help to quickly focus on the real issues, and follows through to help the client get to the root of things and find creative and lasting solutions.
John’s time is worth its weight in gold. I thoroughly recommend him.”
Joanna G, PR Consultant, Board Member, Certified Practitioner in NLP

“I had no preconceptions about the ‘how’s + whats’ Johns coaching sessions would involve – but the more honest you can be, the quicker his coaching works, as its all about the TRUTH. Seeing the TRUE self is like seeing your reflection in a mirror when, until then, you had only seen your shadow. The CHANGE is both remarkable and permanent – you can not un-know what you NOW know to be you, nor will you ever want to! THANK YOU!”
John, Director and owner of Health and Lifestyle products business and clinic

“John is a sincere and genuine man, he helped me through a process that involved releasing fears and wounds connected to the past and my relationship with money that related to family dynamics and I felt very safe and held in his presence.

I emerged from the wealth coaching feeling stronger and empowered to make positive choices about my life and financial prosperity. I really recommend this process if you feel stuck and confused about your relationship to money and it’s role in your life.”
Kay Dayton

“Hi John, once again many thanks for your time this morning. The experience has taught me much, especially in the way to have a more focused approach towards the future. I look forward to reporting positive feedback on the progress I make. I appreciate you.”
Resh R, Director, Independent Mortgage Advisor

“The coaching with John helped me get rid of a certain block I had, a very big blockage, something going back to childhood. As a result I have been able to go forward, it was very liberating, absolutely superb and amazing. It definitely worked and has already brought tangible results. And it wasn’t just one issue, there were more ‘niggles’ which I then resolved myself because I knew how to do it, applying what John taught. The whole experience has been completely positive and rewarding, transforming my ability to do business.”
A. Lehmann, Business Owner, Investor and Entrepreneur.

“Thank you for an excellent session. I am impressed by the professionalism of your approach and already I am amazed at how you have helped me to look at so many business areas in new and fresh ways. I am looking forward to trying out my new perspectives… I am impressed by your coaching mastery.”
Greg C, Director and owner of a UK Award winning marketing agency

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